How we deal with shorter than average shows, rescheduling, cancellations etc :

Just like you, we cringe at the world of fine print everywhere we turn.  This is a family business and we make every attempt to work things in your favor.  We contend with a large traveling show, racing across the DC area, morning to evening with multiple shows.   The following prorations are based on a 60 minute show  Remember we have to balance 50, 60, even 70 show locations 2 months, and balancing all that is not easy.   Also, please refer to the Assembly Check List as those recommendations will help avoid any problems. 

  • If a delay on our end caused a show for less than 30's FREE ....and discounted next year !
  • Based on a roughly 60 min show, for each 10 minutes lost, we knock off 10%
  • We aren't responsible for issues on your location grounds that impact show length/quality, and reserve the right to maintain full price.   
  • Please don't cancel within 7 days of your show; $ 75 cancellation fee may apply if show is cancelled 8 days prior to show.  
  • If we cancel, it's because of an emergency.  (we don't get paid unless we deliver the show)   We *immediately* work to find alternative reschedule dates.  You may be offered the next available time slots and up to a 50% discount as well as discount the following year!    
  •   Rescheduling is a different matter- before you reschedule, make sure to have several alternative show dates.

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