" Arrival  & Setting up  Info "         

ARRIVAL !!   45-60 minutes before show to set up 1000  lbs of display equipment.  
PRESENTATION  ROOM  audience sitting area cleared out before arrival please.

TABLES:  approx. 30 feet of sturdy table space,  set up ahead of time, please.  Round tables butted up, also work.

Mobility Through Building:  we have to move 2 flat bed carts through building: please, no stairs, super tight turns

Parking Nearby:  reserved parking spot,  near best entrance: one school made this sign 

Staff/Office Awareness: Office & relevant staff should know room location, parking, and details like elevator key, etc       

                                                                                         " Best Practices Info "

  SURPRISE !!: please keep audiences out of presentation room during set up and/or until called upon

Seating:  younger audiences in chairs seem to be more distracted because its harder for them to see forward.  Ground seating is ideal.   

Adults Present:   One adult staff member must be present during show for many reasons:  supervision,  intermission, potential emergency etc. 

Distractions ?  Consider: acoustics, nearby foot traffic, loud ventilation, body heat on warm days, cafeteria staff clanging.  

                                                              Got a question?  email or call  571 338 2208  

                                         BASIC  POLICIES  &  ASSEMBLY CHECK LIST  

                                                                                  " Business Info "         
​Length of Show: account for 50-70 minutes. Flexibility is SUPER important to account for a potentially unforeseen delay.
​Prices: Prices vary somewhat depending on regions, school districts, budget conscious and Title 1 schools. Contact us.
​Payment Method & Invoices  please make payment after show via post mail (ask for address). We can invoice ahead of time  
​The Fine Print Stuffproration, rescheduling, cancellation... rare instances.  
THE DAILY ROUTINE:  arriving & Checking in with office.....hustling back out to load up the first cart (450 lbs)......pulling it through the school..... setting up ... then going back for the second load (450lbs).....pulling through school....finishing show set up....going back out to park the truck.....then quickly changing into costume....return and give 90 min show.   (often repeating cycle, for two shows daily) 

                     As you can see, your kind assistance is most needed