ARRIVAL    about 45-60 minutes before a show to manually set up nearly 1000  lbs of display equipment.  
PRESENTATION  ROOM  cleared out with tables  before arrival.  Best venues: large open rooms with easy set up access. No stages. 

Tables:  Roughly 30 feet of table space is needed.  They should be aligned lengthwise.  Round table also work.

Mobility: is 1000 lbs on flatbed cart so think easy access: elevators vs stairs, ramps vs curbs, wide corners vs narrow. 

Parking after unloading: save time,  please consider reserving a nearby parking spot like this helpful sign a school made

Staff/Office Awareness: ..Time is precious.  Office/relevant staff should know room location, parking, and details like elevator key, etc       
                                SURPRISE !!: please keep audiences out of presentation room during set up and/or until called upon

Seating:  younger audiences in chairs seem to be more distracted because its harder for them to see forward.  Ground seating is ideal.   

Adults Present:   One adult staff member must be present during show for many reasons:  supervision,  intermission, potential emergency etc. 

Distractions ?  Consider: acoustics, nearby foot traffic, loud ventilation, body heat on warm days, cafeteria staff clanging.  

                                                              Got a question?  email or call  571 338 2208  

                               BASIC  POLICIES  &  ASSEMBLY CHECK LIST  (please print out)

​Length of Show: account for 50-70 minutes. Flexibility is SUPER important to account for a potentially unforeseen delay.
​Prices: Prices vary somewhat depending on regions, school districts, budget conscious and Title 1 schools. Contact us.
​Payment Method & Invoices  please make payment after show via post mail (ask for address). We can invoice ahead of time  
​The Fine Print Stuffproration, rescheduling, cancellation... rare instances.