over 3500 presentations to DC, VA, & MD schools since 1991    

If you are looking for an educationally dynamic, diverse, upbeat, exciting, age appropriate and even funny presentation, replete with 40 feet of displays, artifacts and amazing replicas on the Middle Ages, you have come to the right place!   For nearly three decades, Andrew Young has delivered thousands of presentations -we estimate about 3500 shows since about 1990-  to Washington DC,Virginia and Maryland schools, organizations and museums. 

Delivery Style:

​As a seasoned speaker, degreed historian (George Mason University & Georgetown University graduate studies) and accomplished actor in several films and commercials, Mr Young delivers presentations to large and small audiences, in a down-to-earth, scripted, yet casual approach.  He easily adjusts the depth of the subject matter based on age and familiarity with the subject; realizing that not all audiences have covered the era, and as a father of two children, that not all topics or details are age appropriate.   One of Andrews hallmark traits is a widely appreciated sense of humor, which has managed to ease the anxiety of audience members who may feel apprehension to history.  Or course, Andrew also loves to field questions and often creatively provokes his audience into critical thinking and analysis.    Shows are often broken into segments for younger audiences to stand and stretch; followed by a few minutes of questions and answers.

​Hands on History...literally!

Whats more--Andrew Young is a renowned professional specialist in applied archeology forensics for museums and clients--meaning, he specializes in restoring original historical objects-- yet also makes many from scratch CLICK HERE.   This angle gives him a unique hands on understanding that many book history buffs lack-- in other words, Andrew has an amazing workshop in which he builds suits of armour, furniture, clothing, shoes, belts, jewelry, shields, tablewear, cups, plates, utensils, lighting and more.  These pieces he selects to enhance the presentation through impressive exhibits and displays--many of which allow audiences members to view up close and lightly handle with proper supervision.  


The Middle Ages & Knighthood Show focuses on a timeline between roughly 500 and 1500, which is widely recognized as the Medieval period.  Mr Young traces the origins of feudalism, and the oddities of the so-called feudal pyramid.   He discusses kings and queens, princes and princesses,and a variety of nobility.   He then discusses the importance of the middle class and merchants and the fabulous variety of things they made and imported.  Peasants and serfs get special attention, for they are often terribly misunderstood.  Of course no presentation would be complete with a discussion of the many exhibits,objects and artifacts Mr Young has acquired or made.   Last but not least is a discussion on the evolution of Medieval Armour, which quite frankly is a universal crowdpleaser simply because of its beauty and technological complexity--yet Mr Young does a wonderful job of explaining how and why armour evolved and the reasons are often not what most people think.  Students are sometimes invited to come wear a piece of armour or two.    In between segments,  Andrew often takes questions.  

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Mr Young had to *talk quietly* while filming to avoid interrupting a class nearby.  Normally he is vibrant and dynamic.