Teachers and staff who have known Mr Young for many years, also know that he is a master armourer and museum replications specialist.  Translation:  he builds a wide range of historical reproductions from scratch, by researching, researching and more researching.  

Andrew started tinkering around with metal at 16.   By the time he had reached his mid-20s, he was already an accomplished armour maker.   By 30, he was widely regarded as a master armourer.  Below are examples of his pieces; some shown in various stages of being forged.   Along the way, he learned to sew, work with leather and all sorts of historical materials.  

In his latter 30s, Mr Young began the next chapter of his life in wood.  He is now regarded as a master joiner, and runs a full time business in antique restoration, furniture repair and remodeling.   Below are also examples of his work.  
​The behind-the-scene science behind history! 
Here we see several images of Mr Youngs hand forged breastplate; and an original 14th century statue showing the inspiraiton for the very close design.  
​Good Greave!   Indeed,  here are masterful reproductions of the lower leg armour or "greave".   On the right is an original displayed in  Chartres Cathedral, from about 1380